pass by on the street - who are among our working poor. Many of these people are women, often earning less than $15,000 a year and without health insurance.

Natividad's "Disappearing Patients"

When it comes to gynecologic surgeries and procedures, these women become what one NMC physician calls "disappearing patients." He explained that when he tells a woman who has no insurance that she needs surgery, she often “disappears” because she has no money for the down payment for elective surgery. Reaching into his pocket and pulling out a folded piece of paper from his wallet, he continued to explain that he carries a “Worry List” with him, including the names and contact information for each of these women so that he can follow up every few weeks to find out when she may return for the surgery she needs.


Monterey CountyLocated on the Central Coast of California, two of our region’s most distinct characteristics are the fertile Salinas Valley, regarded as “America’s Salad Bowl,” and the dramatic coastlines of Pebble Beach and Big Sur. The county is a world leader in agricultural exports, employing 40,000 farm laborers and annually shipping more than 590 million pounds of produce to more than 50 countries worldwide in the area’s 3.8 billion-dollar a year industry. Tourist destinations located primarily along the Monterey Bay and Big Sur coast create more than $2 billion in revenues and generate about 23,000 jobs annually.


The Onyx Fund for Women